YAISU TECH(BEIJING)Co., Ltd. integrated domestic and foreign film and television, machinery, games, art and other supporting high-quality resources, adhering to the industry's advanced design concept, the full use of three-dimensional animation, digital three-dimensional film, mechanical stunt, stage visual effects, human-computer interaction, enhance realization of high and new technology, as a commercial and entertainment complex, tourism, theme park, anime Cultural Industry Park, science museums and other cultural theme tourism projects, providing with international leading level of creative design, engineering equipment, investment and operation of the overall solutions for customers to create the most competitive cultural and creative profit model.




* Shandong Tsingtao Brewery Festival 4D Pavilion
* Youyu province Shanxi afforestation Memorial
* Yunnan Pu Er City Cultural Center Museum
* Beijing the Summer Palace 4D experience Museum
* Chengdu Sichuan min Tai Company
* Shijingshan Beijing amusement park 7D experience Museum
* Qapqal Xibe Autonomous County in Xinjiang theaters
* Yongcheng Henan Dangshan mountain 5D dynamic cinema
* Jiangsu Jurong mound tomb Culture Museum
Anhui Lu'an Jinling joy in the world
* water and soil conservation Museum, Xi'an, Shaanxi
Jiangsu Dafeng marine science and Technology Museum
* Shanghai Natural Museum

* Shanghai City Lin technology 4D cinema
* Luoyang Henan lavender manor 4D cinema
* Shenzhen Zhongshidian Digital Technology Co. Ltd.
Tianjin Tasly group enterprise pavilion
* Shanghai Armed Police College of political science and new campus psychological laboratory
* Weifang Shandong primary and secondary school education test base 4D Theater
* Dujiangyan Sichuan national grid exhibition hall
* Qingdao Shandong Earthquake Museum
* Beijing way home The Belt and Road 4D Museum
* Shangyu Zhejiang National Defense Education Exhibition Hall
* Chishui Danxia Guizhou National Heritage Museum
Gansu Jingtai the Yellow River Stone Forest Museum